Communications Alopecia Areata Question

Question Description


– Identify and select a disease that affects either the integumentary, the skeletal, the muscular, or the nervous system. Use the book and the Internet to make your selection.

– Post the slected disease on this board, but before posting it, review existing posting to make sure that the topic has not been selected by a classmate. (no one can choose the same clinical condition)

– Post in this discussion board the name of the condition you have identified as soon as possible. (no one can choose the same clinical condition).

– This discussion board is not graded; it serves for the sole purpose of selecting a discussion topic.

– You must select the topic; the professor can not select it for you.



 Only post the selected topic on this board.

– After the professor approves your topic, you can work on its discussion and post it on the discussion board titled “Clinical Condition Discussion Assignment.”

– As you start working on your post for discussion board titled “Clinical Condition Discussion Assignment,” keep in mind that a full post must include all the items listed below on the selected clinical condition.

  • the definition
  • the symptoms
  • the criteria for diagnosis
  • the causes and risk factors
  • the treatment(s)
  • at least two references.
  • Clinical Condition Discussion Assignment
  • Post your work on the disease that you selected earlier in the semester (remember, you cannot present on the same condition as a classmate).
  • Post your work directly on this discussion board (not as an attachment). Do not copy and paste from the sources, do not plagiarize; this will invalidate your work, and you will not receive any credits for your work.
    This assignment will be graded as follows:Comprehensive information on the condition you have chosen, including,
    • the definition, diagnosis, and symptoms 30%
    • possible causes or risk factors 20%
    • possible treatments of the clinical condition 20%
    • at least two references 10%You must use standard English grammar and spelling and post directly on this discussion board.80%Substantial comment to one classmate (Do not only say “Good posting” or “Interesting”. Add new information or mention a specific case, and ask a question or two.)
      5%Substantial comment to another classmate (Do not only say “Good posting” or “Interesting.” Add new information or mention a specific case, and ask a question or two.)5%Address at least two comments from your classmates.

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