Colorblind and Racism Essay


Incorporate these 4 questions into your essay using the lecture (Middle Eastern and Multiracial ppt) and the three readings (The Limits of Whiteness, American Sniper, and Kamala Harris).

In-text citations required.

1,000 words. These papers are not meant to include opinions or personal experiences, but instead to answer the questions to the best of your ability.

  1. Do you think colorblind theory is best fit to explain how racism functions in the pandemic? If so, explain why. If not, which theory from the lecture ppt do you think offers more explanatory power?
  2. What is one of the major social consequences of gendered and racialized beauty standards (for any group of your choice)?
  3. What is one of the major emotional barriers to anti-racism among college students?
  4. How can college students tackle racism on the micro-level and macro-level?

Explanation & Answer length: 1000 words

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