Cloud Computing Security and Privacy Issues Computer Science Solved Quiz


V anderburg, E. (2017).SCSP SNIA certified storage professional all in one-exam-guide (exam S10-110). New York: McGraw-Hill Education.ISBN-13: 978-1-26-001108-1

Chapters 8, 9,10,12

Q-1 Please describe “Inline deduplication” in laymens terms?

Q-2 While performing a Risk Assessment on your environment, you find a single point of failure on your main server. Specifically the controller on your storage array. What should you do to resolve the single point of failure?

Q-3 Why do Server rooms need Large and powerful UPS devices? Also, what is an UPS?

Q-4 Mary has an application that requires high availability. She would like to run the application on three servers that will share the load and provide failover in case one server fails. Which technology should she deploy?

A-Cache Mirroring

B- Clustering

C-Link Aggregation

D-Software as a Service

Q-5 What is IOPS primarily used for?

A- To determine the performance of a drive or system

B- To determine the amount of reserved or protected space needed to operate

C- To Determine which connection should be throttled

D- The reorganization of a database

Q-6 What problems can occur when trying to run a backup job on a database management system? Why are their often issues with database files?

Explanation & Answer length: 6 Questions.

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