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Watch the video “Performance Objectives” and listen to Dr. Todd Curless’ lecture on creating performance objectives. Then, using the components of behavior, condition, and criterion, in your initial post submit a performance objective that is relevant to a skill for either a clinical health care practitioner or health care administrator. *If for some reason you are unable to watch the video, you will find information on writing performance objectives in Chapter 6. Information regarding the parts of an objective is on page 121.

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Performance Objectives

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Review and critique the following instructional goal and related objectives. Are these well written? What specific changes would you recommend? Explain why it is important to write good objectives.

Goal: The learner will be able to do an oral presentation of their report.

Objective 1: A PowerPoint is created.
Objective 2: Uses time wisely.
Objective 3: Interacts with audience.

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Top of Form

Performance objectives are by and enormous proclamations which recognize the actual information, aptitude, or disposition a student should develop and show due to guidance. within the most straightforward sense, a performance objective must have three significant segments: behavior, a criterion, and a condition (Mager, 1997). Example of performance objective in the Healthcare field:

Speed: Reduce patient wait times
Behavior: how patients are being treated, having more satisfied patients.

Condition: means that customers can rely on your organization to receive their goods and/or services as and when promised.

Criterion: being able to change the timings of delivery in a product/service (Medications).

Reduce patients waiting time, by gathering the information before their visit and have patients record on hand when they arrived.


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Performance objective is a statement of what learners will be expected to do when they have completed a specified course of instructions, stated in terms of observational performances. A healthcare administrator “is a profession that deals with the provision of leadership, guidance and management in health systems” (Green, 2021). The conditions would be the research, resources, books, work materials etc. The behavior will be to lead by example, patience, knowledge, skills, communication, and professionalism. You must be a good leader to lead to have a good outcome. “A description of the intended outcomes of instruction, as opposed to the process of instructions” (Cureless, 2009). I believe and agree with this 100%. The criteria will be accepting the outcome, judging the outcome, considering the outcome, verbal information outcome etc. “Some intellectual skills and verbal information tasks do not result in single answer, and learners` responses can be expected to vary” (Dick, page 124). I have seen and witness this personally a few times. There were better ones than bad ones.


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YouTube URL:

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Critical Review

The goal and objectives are well written because they are guiding and understandable; however, they need some changes to make them perfect. This is because the plan lacks an element of time over which it should be achieved (Lei, 2010). The objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic, but they lack an element of time and connection to the goal or a particular way the goal will be achieved.

The changes recommended on the goal involve including the time frame the instructor expects the learner to use or complete an oral presentation of the report. The instructor is supposed to indicate time in the goal; for example, by the end of a specific duration, the learner will be able to do an oral presentation of their report (Lei, 2010). The objectives can be improved by changing them to be timebound, connected to the goal, and informing how the goal will be achieved. It is recommended to change the first objective too, by the end of the session the learner should be able to create a PowerPoint presentation. The second objective can switch to the learner should be able to use the time allocated for oral presentation wisely. The third objective is supposed to adjust to the learner should be able to interact with the audience during an oral presentation. These recommended changes give the purposes an element of time as well as connection to the goal (Reppert, 1994).

It is essential to write an excellent instructional goal because it will provide direction for achieving the overall purpose and the time frame required to achieve the goal (Reppert, 1994). Objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, as well as timebound, are complete and make it possible to achieve the ultimate goal.


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Explanation & Answer length: 800 Words.

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