Centennial College Final Examination Questions


Explanation & Answer length: 600 words.

Final Examination Course: Business Law INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES a) The total number of marks available is100 c) Only English solutions are accepted

1 Question 1 Complete the following blank spaces for the criminal procedure in the United States of America

Question 2 Explain the following.

i. Cyber crimes

ii. Fourth Amendment

iii. Fifth Amendment

iv. Sixth Amendment

v. “White Collar” Crimes [Not less than 100 words]

Question 3 Explain any four (4) Defenses to Criminal Liability. [Not less than 100 words]

Question 4 Explain the difference between different types of resolutions and the reasons for which they can be proposed [Not less than 100 words]

Question 5 Explain in detail the duties of directors [Not less than 100 words]

Question 6 Explain issues surrounding the disqualification of directors [Not less than 100 words]

Question 7 Explain the roles of other company officers including; the company secretary and the auditor [Not less than 100 words] END OF THE FINAL EXAMINATION Page | 2

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