Business Law & Facebook Live Killings Essay


Assignment 1 Guide and Expectations – Spring, 2021 Assignment 1 – Facebook Live Killings (Due: End of Week 3 and worth 150 points) • Assignment should be 2-3 pages • Cover Page – Name and Date only • DO NOT write the questions of the assignment in your paper • Your Assignment must be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with 1-inch margins on all sides.

Question 1. Discuss whether you believe that Facebook has a legal and/or ethical duty as to what gets posted on its platform. If someone is recorded and viewed getting hurt, is Facebook legally liable to the victim? Why or why not? Foundation from reading Chapters 1, 2, and 8 – Jennings, Marianne. (2018). Business: It’s Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment (11th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning. Consider the issues below when formulating your answer: What is law versus ethics? What is the legal/ethical duty for businesses today? Could Facebook be sued for what is posted on its platform today? Is Facebook legally liable to a victim that is videotaped on its site? What is required for criminal liability versus civil liability?

Question 2. Research and suggest three ways that social media platforms such as Facebook can be more proactive and thorough in reviewing the conduct and content of what appears on their sites, and in preventing acts of violence. Support your answer. Consider the issues below when formulating your answer: What do other social media platforms do? Is there technology today that helps? How does technology work? What does Facebook already do today? Is it enough?

Question 3. Determine whether Facebook can be sued for invasion of privacy if one’s personal information, likes, dislikes, and photos are shared with product and advertising agencies. Consider the issues below when formulating your answer: What is the tort of invasion of privacy? What is “personal and private and reasonable” today? What laws protect against liability today? Should Section 230 be changed and why or why not?

Question 4. Propose two (2) changes Facebook should adopt to encourage ethical use of their platform. Consider the issues below when formulating your answer: What is Facebook’s “ethical compass?” Does the company abide by it? How can it improve? Use at least two (2) quality resources in this assignment. Page 1 of 2 Quality resources are course textbook, published books, academic journal articles, and expert report. Wikipedia is not accepted. Source Page must follow Strayer Writing Standards for citing sources in the text of the paper that correspond to the Source Page. Please review how to cite your sources per the link in our BB page.

Failure to cite sources IN THE TEXT of the paper and identify where information is found will result in a zero grade and resubmission to comply with this requirement. The late penalty policy will be applied. The following citation is not acceptable on the Source page: Do: • • • • • • • • Start your Assignment early (Do not wait to start 48 hours before the Assignment is due). Remember to discuss, and elaborate in your paper. Discuss each question equally – for example do not write 2 pages for question 1, and 2 sentences for question 5. Your answers should be based on your research of the law and facts, no your opinion. Do no write about your feelings, emotions and personal experiences in a research paper.

You can put headings in your paper to clearly identify your answers but, do not copy the question of the assignment. Ensure you submitted the correct paper and that it was accepted into Blackboard. Check your grade book, it is your responsibility to be sure it is submitted properly and on time. Use the help provided to you such as Grammarly and the Online Tutor for writing help – it is free. Do Not: • • • • • Do not write an announcement in your paper, for example, “In this paper I will discuss whether or not I believe that Facebook has a legal or ethical duty to rescue a crime victim.” I will suggest and elaborate on three (3) ways that social media platforms can be more proactive and thorough with their review of the types of content that appear on their sites.” This may increase your SafeAssign score. Do not write the Assignment questions in your paper. Do not restate facts of the assignment in your paper. This may increase your SafeAssign score. Do not write about your personal experiences or feelings in your paper. Write about legal cases and facts and research found. Do not use irrelevant diagrams, charts or pictures in your paper. Keep Calm and Good Luck! Page 2 of 2

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