AED and Emaars Financial Performance Analysis Paper

Question Description


You are requested to represent a report about the overall financial performance of any company of your choice in UAE reflecting their 3 respective financial statements: Balance sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement.

The report should include the 3 above-mentioned statements and your own analysis of the performance of the company.

The company can be a financial institution (banks, money exchange, investment companies, insurance companies, stock exchange companies etc…) or a non-financial institution (ex: real estate or other services such as restaurants, hotels, media etc…).

The company should be operating in UAE and the data should be collected from 2018 or 2019 or 2020.

Course Work Assessment:

The Case Study is graded over 10 points.

Please note the below guidelines for the Assignment:

Due Date: SUNDAY 18 April 2021

Length: 2-3 pages excluding the financial statements.

For late submission: grades are deducted gradually from your Case Study grade.

Group of 2.

Plagiarism: 20% maximum accepted.

All submission on Portal

Thank you & Good Luck!

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