Auditing Audit Committee Incentives and The Resolution of Detected Misstatements Paper

Question Description

Your writing assignments should address several specific issues on the papers/cases assigned. To prepare adequately you have to read the paper very critically. The following specific issues need to be addressed in your writing assignments or presentations:

Introductory sections: Briefly discuss the main issue(s) or topic(s) of the article/case. Do you think the issues(s) are interesting? Discuss why or why not. You will find that author(s) of each paper discusses about prior studies or research on similar or related topic/issue(s). Discuss related issued and findings documented in the extant literature. Also discuss how this paper’s findings are linked with those of prior studies. Discuss how the paper contribute to the body of knowledge.

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Research Questions: Identify main research question(s)/hypothesis. While developing research question(s) or hypotheses authors discuss either specific theory or rationale or anecdotal evidence or intuition. Show the link between those discussions and research questions examined. Discuss your understanding about the particular topic based on the discussion that leads to research question.

Empirical Analyses:
Data, Sample and Models: Discuss data and sample briefly: for example, sources of data, types, sample period, type of observations and variable measurement.

Findings: Review the descriptive statistics- identify some interesting facts (if any) out of these statistics and get some preliminary idea about the reality. Discuss main findings: the primary results reported, also mention if you see any additional findings, evaluate the results in the light of prediction or hypotheses developed in the earlier sections, and evaluate in the light of your own thoughts and expectation.

Conclusion and your remarks: Identify the study’s limitations or drawbacks (if any). You can also discuss about related new research ideas for future investigation. Discuss your thoughts about how the findings in this study relating to accounting and auditing profession and peoples involved in this profession. Implications of research findings for the real-life.

Special Notes


  • ➢ Try to understand the overall picture of the paper/article/case;
  • ➢ Read the paper assigned very carefully and multiple times.
  • ➢ Your write-up should cover all the four issues (Introductory sections, ResearchQuestions, Findings or Results, and Conclusion) mentioned above.
  • ➢ While evaluating your write-up, all specific issues will be considered.
  • ➢ Limit your write up within 4 pages (max)
  • no plagiarism