About Luckin Coffee Presentation



The purpose of this exercise is to expose students to and stimulate students’ interest in marketing practices in China, or to apply marketing theories to real world analysis. Video clips can be used in presentation, but they should not take more than 3 minutes. The group presentations are assessed according to the following principles/guidelines:

  • Provide sufficient (background) information so that the audience can appreciate the importance of the issues you are looking at. You are encouraged to provide relevant information from various sources.
  • Try your best to be specific to the case. Avoid talking theories at a conceptual level. Do not explain marketing theories, unless the class did not know about them.
  • The listed questions (if any) must be addressed. You may discuss on other issues that interest you, and you are encouraged to raise questions that baffle you.
  • Our topice is Luckin Coffee

This is group presentation, your task is: 

Analyze the market of Luckin Coffee through 4 Ps and SWOT analysis. 400 words for each one total 800 words, and also do this two part’s PowerPoint.

Explanation & Answer length: 800 Words.

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